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Women's Conference Team - Kenya, Africa (March 31-April 16, 2020)

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About Women's Conference Team - Kenya, Africa (March 31-April 16, 2020)

This team will be teaching and ministering at a Women’s Conference for 150 to 200 women in Kagan – Nyanza province. We will be fundraising in hopes of sponsoring women from across Kenya to attend this event! We are also hoping to spend time with the children at Shelter of Hope Academy where we will minister to the students. 

The Goal Of The Kenya's Women Conference

To bring hope, healing and wholeness through teaching, counselling, etc. to women who attend the conference empowered by the Spirit of God! Many women live a difficult life – not only in respect to socioeconomics, but also relationally with their husbands. Poverty is widespread – material, relational, spiritual and emotional poverty.

MVC's History in Kenya

MVC has a partnership with Vision Ministries Canada in which they focus on Church growth and leadership development with Vision Ministries Kenya. MVC works with Vision Ministries Kenya and Shelter of Hope.  Vision Ministries Kenya is a network of about 50 churches. It is overseen by a board and Ishmael Ochieng is the director. Shelter of Hope has two locations. It started in Nairobi in a slum by Ishmael and Moline. It has grown to be a school of about 350 children. Shelter of Hope Kagan is in the countryside – the home area of Ishmael. We are in the process of building the second floor. The number of students is about 200 and in recent testing it ranked first overall in 27 district schools in academia.

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